ReThink Topeka 2010

This event was AMAZING! Downtown Topeka has never seen anything quite like this...at least not for a long time! It was the most wonderful gathering of many, MANY people interested in changing the negative view of Topeka, KS into something more positive....something more like this:

with great music,

amazing art,

and talented poets.

Along with yummy food, gracious vendors, super volunteers and lots and lots of people!

I was honored to be part of such a successful event. I even had two pieces in the show. One of which sold! And the other winning a merit award!

Afternoon at Menninger Park - Digital Illustration

Dinner at Sate H. - Digital Illustration - 2010 ReThink Topeka Merit Award winner

Overall the first annual ReThink Topeka event was a great success! woo-hoo!


bailey said...

I love seeing all these photos! I missed most of those moments! Too cool.

Anonymous said...

You are blessed to be able to see so much. Thanks for sharing.

Rory said...

We like art too!



Dan Billen said...

You've got to tell me who did all of the colorful, crazy paintings (luchadores, sunglasses, tattood arm holding ice cream, etc). Was this wall really at the Rethink Topeka event? I gotta know!


fookaDESIGNS said...

Hi Dan,

Yes, that fun colorful art was at the ReThink event last year (2010). It was done by Aaron Marable and his wife.

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