Reflecting on this past year

I took this photo one cool evening as the sun was setting behind the trees in our backyard. Since it's one of my last photos of 2008 I thought it would only be appropriate for me to reflect on the past and think about my goals for the future. In 2008 I started my fookaDESIGNS business and while it has been a slow start I ended the year with pleasing results. While I've learned a lot and I'm determined to make 2009 even better. I look forward to spending more time in my studio and creating more fun projects to share with you. I anticipate more giveaways and special promotions for all my fookaFANS. I hope to have more shows and possibly attend more craft events. Thank you all for your support in 2008 and I appreciate your future business in 2009. So bring it on 2009...fookaDESIGNS is here to stay!

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kim* said...

happy 2009!

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