A day late....

Yay, it's MondayFUNDAY! Yes I know today is REALLY Tuesday...and I'm a day late. But better late than never, right? Anyways, this months entries for MondayFUNDAY were AWESOME! I had such a difficult time deciding a winner. Thank you all so much for sharing your special birthday memories. They were a blast to read, I hope you had just as much fun going down memory lane as I did! OK, enough stalling....drum roll please.....and the winner is:

artbylmr - Congratulations! How could anyone compete with such a memorable birthday? It's not everyday you get front row seats to the Golden Globe Awards! I will be contacting Lynne and sending her a new print from my digital illustration collection.

Stay tuned for more MondayFUNDAY giveaways soon!

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