Fashionable Friday - It's SUNNY again!

The sun FINALLY came out...for several days in a row in fact! After several days of dreary, cloudy skies....it's sunny again! Unfortunately, my eyes are not used to the bright skies. Sorry for the squinty eyes. :)

Actually, I have very sensitive eyes and can't hardly go outside without sunglasses on. Even on a cloudy day I'm usually wearing sunglasses. Next time I may have to add some shades to my Fashionable Friday post. lol!

brown long sleeve shirt - Target
short sleeve sweater hoodie - Target
corduroy skirt - thrifted
tights - Target
boots - gift

This weekend I'll be working in my studio finishing up some exciting projects and attending art meetings...visit me on twitter if you'd like to follow me along the way. What are your plans for the weekend?


Interiorexpress said...

looks better without the coat IMO.

akaCola said...

love the color of your skirt...looks great on you!

Jen S. said...

You've been TAGGED by a fellow KS Etsy Team member . . . :)


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