Handmade with Love

So this year I decided to give handmade gifts for Christmas. Most of them were handmade by me, but ALL were made with love.

My little sister wanted a cell phone case so this is what I came up with. I really impressed myself with this one since it was the first handmade gift I had done for the holidays AND since I had NEVER sewn anything by hand before! I taught myself how to do a blanket stitch and whipped this baby out in one night...mostly because I had procrastinated long enough that I ONLY HAD ONE night to get it done. But I did it! And luckily it turned out because I really didn't have a back up plan! :)

Here are some random pins I gave to girlfriends. They were a hit!

Here are custom made crowns for my niece and nephews. Each one created with the kids' favorite colors and their initial monogrammed on the front. These were not as big of a hit with the kids mostly because I thought I could 'guess' at what size they needed to be and unfortunately FAILED. They were slightly too small making them fairly uncomfortable but hopefully they are each being proudly displayed on their night table or bedpost.

Finally, here is the one I'm probably most proud of. Not because it's anything outstanding or super cute but because it's sewn! I'm not a seamstress by any stretch of the imagination. Other than some napkins and a couple of tablecloths I haven't sewn anything since my Jr. High Home ec. class! PLUS I didn't even follow a pattern. I basically combined a couple patterns that I liked and added some creative embellishments and viola! My very first handmade apron.


Indy said...

I'm loving that apron! It's so cute! I love giving handmade things...it's like giving a little part of yourself.

LuliBags said...

These all look fantastic, they are very lucky! I like your blog. Lx

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