Fashionable Friday!

Yay, it's Friday! Aren't Friday's the best? It's like the sweet reward to a long week of hard work. This week in particular seemed to be long and difficult. But, on the bright side I've made it to work on time (or even early in some cases) every day this week (trust me this is a BIG accomplishment) AND I've exercised every day this week. In fact, I've done REALLY well at both of these accomplishments most days this YEAR! I must say it's been a great start to 2010! - so far. :)

This year I've also been thinking a lot about my blog and how I can make it more exciting and enjoyable for YOU to read and for ME to write. I always wanted this blog to primarily be focused on creativity and my freelance business, and NOT my personal life. Not that there is anything wrong with blogging about personal things. It's just that I didn't think it fit here...for the whole world to see. So, I chose to keep it about creative things like art and design...after all, that's my passion and that's what is most interesting to me and what keeps me going. But I think as some point I thought that meant I could only blog about art and design and not about ANYTHING creative. Why can't I write about interior design, or fashion design, or post a picture of my creatively decorated cookies I baked? Well, why not? These may be everyday things that come from my personal life but they are everyday things that I choose to be creative at....EVERY DAY. These are ways that I get to be creative in the day to day life...it's what make the everyday not so boring...it's what keeps me going.

So get ready fookaFRIENDS...this blog has just turned up it's creative juices. Be prepared for ANYTHING and EVERYTHING creative thrown at you! Hope you like it. ;)

First up is a Fashionable Friday post. Here is what I wore a couple of days ago.

Now please be sure to read the fine print here folks.

I'm not in any way a fashion expert or trained in fashion design. I like to have fun with my outfits. It's just another way for me to be creative in my day! :)

3/4 sleeve top - Target
tank - thrifted
trousers - thrifted
ankle boots - gift
wood bracelet - little shop in Cozumel, Mexico
necklace - ???

How do you like to show your creativity?


bailey said...

earrings. I change them everyday and they are my favorite accessory. I used to only wear tiny ones, because of my short hair. Over the last 5 years the earrings have grown in size and numbers. :) p.s. Love that shirt!

Abreaka Studios said...

ooo..I dig that shirt! I'm excited for the blog change :)

T @ Poppy Place said...

What a fun post :)

I like to wear bright colours :) T.

Happy Weekend :)

Sharon said...

Cute boots!

Erica Leigh said...

yessss, fashion is one of the best ways to show off creativity! :) personally, i also like showing creativity with super bright eye shadow colors!

love your shoes! and congrats on making it to work on time/exercising ever day this week. good start to the new year!


Anonymous said...
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aleala said...

i like ur boots!

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