Great Day for an Art Fair

The Aaron Douglas Art Fair was a great success. The weather was perfect and the crowd was wonderful. Thank you so much to all my fookaFRIENDS who made it out to see me this year! It was so nice to see your friendly faces and so awesome to meet new friends! I couldn't have asked for a better show. For those of you who weren't able to make it, here are some shots of the event.

One of the best parts about this show is that I get to share booth space with two wonderful artists....my little sister (from the Big Brothers Big Sisters program) and her grandmother. Here is a pic of me and my sis after we set up our show. She is such a talented artist and does amazing watercolor paintings. I'm so impressed by her work and so proud of her!


Shannon said...

Your booth looks great! I'm glad it turned out to be such a good day for you. :)

Joy De Vivre Design said...

I love your work. It looks great displayed in your booth.

RhiannonSTR said...

Your booth looks awesome, and your work is very nice. It's so nice that you got to share with your little sister.
Daily Paint Journal

Anonymous said...

You both look great together :).

beckyboop said...

You are just one of the sweetest people I know. You are a big sister and a great artists!

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