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I finally decided to take the plunge and create a fookaFAN page on Facebook. I hope this makes it easier for all my fookaFRIENDS to find me and stay updated on fookaDESIGNS new items, promotions, sales and much more! So be sure to become a fan today!

Oh, and if you're not a fookaFRIEND yet be sure to sign up and join the mailing list to get in on the fooka loop. You know you want to...all your friends are doin' it!

Both of these button features are conveniently located to the right of this page too...so click away my friend!


Anonymous said...

Hey! Thanks for your kind comment on my blog! Your artwork and blog are fantastic - I had to follow you! Thanks for visiting me!

Indy said...

This blog is totally groovy...I love it!

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