Announcing Monday Fundays

Yay! From now on Monday's are going to be so much fun! Ok, maybe not EVERY Monday, but hopefully once or twice a month you will look forward to Mondays here at fookaDESIGNS. Why do you ask? Well, I'm starting a new contest promotion called Monday Funday where I will be giving away a fookaDESIGN item for FREE!!! The free item will be predetermined and the contest may vary, but basically what will happen is anywhere between a few days to a few weeks before any given Monday Funday I will be announcing the contest. Anyone and everyone will have a chance to enter, and then I will announce the lucky winner first thing Monday Funday morning. This may very well change the way we look at Monday's forever. :)

First Monday Funday will be THIS Monday (10/27). I will be presenting the FREE item and contest details tomorrow (10/25) morning. Stay tuned!
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