Gus' Rockets

This is a picture of a watercolor/mixed media painting I did in high school (over 10 years ago) called "Gus' Rockets". I love this piece because it is unlike any of my "usual" work. Generally, I feel like abstract artwork is very difficult to achieve, and is even more challenging than realistic work. With that said I think it's safe to say that this is one of my best abstract pieces I've ever done. Therefore, I had held on to this painting for over 10 years stuffed away in my portfolio case in the back of a closet. I never felt like the piece was good enough to be displayed but I certainly wasn't about to get rid of it. That is until recently when I visited my former high school art teacher. I see her or visit with her via email maybe 1 or 2 times a year, and almost every time she would ask me about this piece. Are you ready to part with Gus' Rockets? My answer was always no, until this visit. I FINALLY gave her the painting she more than deserved and now I know it is hanging proudly somewhere!


Amber Rose said...

Yes, I used to be an artist-I did charcoal, not paint, but I too, know how hard it can be to create an abstract piece.

Very nice work :)

13 Delancey Street said...

What a lovely story! Your teacher got a wonderful painting -- excellent taste (and clearly saw potential in you from an early age). This was a really nice post to read before I turn in for the night :-)

EtsyU: The Street Team for College Students said...

Lovely painting :) So very colourful!

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